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Qualified and Certified Provider for the Insurance Industry

Get your Home Looking New Quicker and Easier

Hardwood Floors

Quick accurate estimates

Flooring America stores are the largest providers and installers of floor covering to the property insurance industry.

Protecting your Floor Investment

As a policyholder, you are assured to receive comparable flooring to what you had. To accurately determine Like, Kind, and Quality, a sample of your flooring will be evaluated by an independent lab or industry expert specializing in analyzing floorcovering. When your analysis is complete, you’ll be able to visit our stores with confidence and select from the nation's largest display of flooring.

Proven Service

Our commitment and responsiveness to your needs has made us the Number One choice for flooring replacement in the insurance industry.  The staff at each locally owned store guarantees you a truly unique level of personal customer service.

- Service is our Number One commitment

- A knowledgeable store representative will be your personal contact dedicated to assisting you through the entire process, from initial inspection to installation.

- Not only a full service flooring vendor, but a full service, Class A GC.  We can handle the flooring and the build back all under one roof.

We’re committed to making sure you’re completely satisfied with your new floors now and for years to come.  At Flooring America, you choose the color and style you want and our warranties guarantee that we’ll take care of the rest.

-  Satisfaction guarantees ensure a worry-free experience*

-  Lifetime installation guarantees instill confidence in your purchase*

Incredible Financing Plans Available

With so many different types of financing plans available, you’ll be able to have the floor you've always wanted. Our plans will allow you to easily finance flooring upgrades and/or additional rooms.